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Top Tips for the Perfect Beauty Sleep

Sleep plays an integral role in the way our body replenishes itself, which can have a huge impact on how good our skin, hair and other features look. So what should we be doing when we sleep to achieve the perfect beauty sleep? We talked to three beauty bloggers and a beauty expert to find out.


Eli Greene – Samples Queen

What are your favourite night time beauty products and why?

My night time routine is the most important thing I do, since it’s a great opportunity to pamper and recover the skin in a controlled environment. I truly believe in investing in quality skincare, so a good night cream or oil is essential. My favourite brands are Omorovicza (both the night cream and miracle oil), GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment, and the Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial by Ren.

Do you use any special products during your sleep, such as an eye mask, night cream, special bedding or similar?

There are a few things that help me get a better night’s sleep. Lavender sprays, like This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, really help to calm my mind, and bedding made from Egyptian cotton makes me feel more comfortable and relaxed in bed. I also use silk pillow cases as they’ve really helped me maintain tangle-free hair. When travelling, I always take my silk eye mask; it’s just the right shape and size to help me relax on planes.

What would you recommend for a great night’s sleep?

To me, the key to a good night's sleep is being comfortable in a relaxed environment.


Emma Campbell – What Emma Did

Do you use any special products during your sleep, such as an eye mask, night cream, special bedding or similar? If so, what and why?

I always use a moisturiser that is packed with natural ingredients overnight, such as Retinol A Night Cream from InstaNatural. Retinol is great at clearing spots and preventing early signs of ageing, however, as it’s a cream, night-time is the best time to use it! I also try to remember to use an eye cream, but sometimes I forget. I also use silk pillowcases to help my hair whilst I sleep – they really do prevent snapping and breakage!

Do you have any simple remedies or bedtime beauty fixes?

Applying Vaseline to your eyelashes before going to bed is a really good way to nourish your lashes throughout the night and in the morning they’ll look much longer and thicker. I'm not sure why this works, but it really does! Also, I try to swill my mouth with coconut oil for a few minutes before bed as well. I’ve found that this really helps whiten teeth throughout the night, however, you don't really see results until a month or so – perseverance is a must!

What do you avoid doing before bed to improve your sleep?

I try not to use social media, my laptop or my phone just before going to bed. It really keeps your mind active and prevents you from switching off – which is terrible for getting a good night’s sleep! Also, it might sound simple, but I always try to avoid drinking anything just before bed as this stops me from waking up bursting for the toilet in the middle of the night. It really does create disturbed sleep. Try to drink your last glass of water around 2 hours before going to sleep.

Cosy in bed

Hayley – London Beauty Queen

What is your bedtime routine?

If I can get away with it, I change in to my PJs as early as possible. This helps me start to wind down from an inevitably busy and stressful day. Normally I have a cup of mint tea and then double cleanse with something like Antonia Burrell's cleansing oil to remove all my makeup and any skin impurities. This also helps relax my senses. I then clean my teeth and slip into bed – which has been spritzed with This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Lastly, I apply a plethora of overnight treats to my skin. As I relax in bed, I normally watch a documentary on TV, however, I try not to make it anything too stimulating as I always end up having very vivid dreams!

What are your favourite night time beauty products and why?

I love cleansers that contain relaxing essential oils, but I also adore a bit of Retinol - such as the Exuviance Retinol Concentrate. This Works make incredible night time products that help hydrate your skin and hair while you sleep while simultaneously ensuring a more restful slumber. I have pretty much everything in the range.

What do you avoid doing before bed to improve your sleep?

Don't play with your phone! The backlight stimulates our minds in the same way as sunlight, which makes it much harder to fall and remain asleep.

Face massage


Are there any facial treatments you would suggest to people who have trouble sleeping?

Facial treatments that combine a lot of massage are ideal and lymphatic drainage massage is particularly supportive of the nervous system, as it’s quite rhythmical and soothing to the mind, as well as the body. I would stay away from electrical facials or those with lots of technology: these usually provide great results, however, for sleep support I would always go holistic. Acupressure is also particularly good for sleep support and something you can easily do at home as well.

Do you think there is a link between beauty routines and better sleep?

I’m unaware of any specific studies, however, those who regularly wash their face at the end of the day and apply night products will have skin which functions more efficiently. Sleep is also when the body does all of its regeneration, including repairs to the skin, so less sleep is less repair time. You can see the effects of sleep when we are tired or sleep deprived and we have dark circles around our eyes and our skin looks dull. Additionally, while we’re sleeping our facial muscles fully relax, helping to remove the tension from the day. A study by the University Hospital Case Medical Centre in Ohio examined the process of “catabolises”, which is the natural purification process that helps skin cells get rid of internal waste. The results found that people who didn’t get enough sleep lost up to 30% more water from their skin than those who were getting enough sleep. The study also found that people who were getting less sleep showed twice the amount of visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines, uneven pigmentation, reduced elasticity and slower injury recovery time.

What is your number one tip for improving skin while sleeping?

You must cleanse – even if you don’t have makeup on. After a day of being around pollution, sweat, and other awful smells such as food, cleansing the skin is vital. When you massage your face during cleansing you also tell your brain it’s time for bed. I always keep a face oil by the side of my bed, so I can give myself a five-minute face massage as soon as I’m tucked in. This nourishes the skin but also relaxes the mind. Also, sleep on your back as it helps prevents sleep wrinkles! When sleeping face down or on your side the face becomes compressed. We sleep around seven hours a night, so the repetitive action can and will cause lines.

If you haven’t had a good night’s sleep, are there any shortcuts to make your skin look healthier?

A radiance-boosting mask and brisk face massage works wonders! For an even more comfortable night's sleep, try our silk nightwear.