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Bedroom interior design trends for 2020/21

For a few years now, we’ve seen muted, subtle and minimal aesthetics and colourways dominating interior design, not just in bedrooms but right throughout the home. This year however, bold is back and taking over to fill your home with plenty of colour and character.

Similar low-maintenance aesthetics remain, with less clutter and Scandi influences, but darker and bolder hues come into play to create a new take on the long-standing trend.

In this post, we detail the trends that are set to be big in bedroom design over the course of 2020 and right into the year 2021 too.


The mind goes straight to black and white when we think of monochromatics, but this trend can be explored with various hues of any colour palette. In fact, the very definition of monochrome is either black and white or varying tones of only one colour. The in-look this year however is bolder colours, like cobalt blue, deep greens and peachy orange - not together of course.

Simply pick a favourable colour for your bedroom scheme, then find similar tones to layer together to create an eye-catching, clean display. To ensure your bedroom doesn’t get too ‘loud’ with too much of one colour, choose block-colour soft furnishings as opposed to patterns and prints and blend some neutrals in too.

With blue a solid colour-favourite in 2020, we particularly like the Gingerlily Teal Silk Bed Linen for this look.

Earth tones & soft tropics

Nature has long been incorporated into bedrooms to create a tranquil, sanctuary feel and this year’s adaptation of environmental decor comes from earth tone colour schemes combined with soft tropic prints and patterns.

Think khaki, beige, browns and ivory all blended together in different areas of the room to create a layered, calming aesthetic. Blend in some prints to smaller items such as cushions, throws and rugs and you’ll achieve a minimal, earthy look that makes a statement.

A natural blend of these themes can be found in the Tropical Sand Silk Bed Linen collection by Gingerlily, which combines a rich sand colour with a delicate sweeping leaf design that exudes luxury.

Wicker-style furniture

Jute rugs, rattan chairs, wicker plant baskets and storage, all of these styles are set to be big this year. Incorporate different hues with this woody trend, mixing dark and light together to create a complimentary look.

This look works seamlessly with the on-trend earthy colour palette and will make a big comeback over the next couple of years. While a full room of wicker furniture isn’t practical, incorporating small details adds a simple, yet impactful touch.

Comfortable aesthetics

A bedroom has always been, and should remain, a very comfortable place to be - but there is no reason why comfort can’t play a big role in the overall look of the decor, that’s why we love this trend so much at Gingerlily. Lots of plush, luxurious pillows stacked up with cushions of varying sizes, full duvets, layered throws and soft-fabric headboards work together to create an indulgent lounge space that will send you to dreamland in mere minutes. A plus point, this thick and full decadent look is pleasing on the eye too.

Transform your bed into a haven with lightweight and ever-so luxurious silk-filled duvet, pillows and cushions at Gingerlily, encased in 300-thread count cotton and filled with the finest Mulberry silk floss.

1920’s glamour

Geometric prints, metal furniture and rich, royal blues and golds make this trend the perfect modern movement with older styling elements. This is a natural move from the retro revival theme we saw throughout 2019, bringing a classier version of the trend to fore.

As silk specialists, we’re thrilled that this key style is emerging into the popular realm as this fabric works so well, from the varied colours to the natural sheen of the fabric. To get it right, opt for the Fraser Stripe Sand Silk Duvet Cover - a luxurious, gold bed linen with a delicate stripe effect.

Blush Pink

This soft pink often associated with millennial styles has been at the forefront of interior design for over two years now, and it is showing no signs of going away any time soon. What was once a colour that was only fit for a child’s bedroom is now one of the most popular colours not just in bedrooms but throughout every single room in a house, even kitchens and bathrooms.

Of course, as with any statement colour, there are some key ‘rules’ to adhere to and these lie mostly in getting the hue correct. Avoid candy-colours, and stick to a more muted tone, with matte finishes on any furnishing in this colour.

We love this style so much that we created the Vintage Pink Silk collection at Gingerlily, featuring a full bed linen set, as well as an eye mask for good measure. With a beautiful, delicate sheen that glows without being ‘shiny’, this bed linen is a great way to bring pink into an adult’s bedroom.

Mixed textures

One thing you might have noticed throughout this post is that a lot of different textures have been mentioned, and the great news is that mixing these together comes highly advised this year. Varying textures can add character to a room, and create definition without thinking too hard about the styling of the space.

Textures on the cards to be big this year include velvet, wicker, chunky knits, plants and of course, silk.

Layering various textures is a great way to add further decoration to a room without having to introduce too many colours.

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