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How to choose a silk pillowcase

A hero product within the beauty blogging sphere, the silk pillowcase has gained traction as a non-cosmetic skincare and haircare saviour amongst influencers and trend followers alike. With the increased popularity of this product, it’s difficult to know what sets these silk pillowcases apart, as not all share the same qualities. Consumers must do their research to ascertain the best silk type and quality for their concerns. To take the hard work out of it for you, Gingerlily has compiled a comprehensive overview of the most important factors you must consider before you buy. Read on for our advice on how to choose a silk pillowcase.

What type of silk is the best for pillowcases?

In order to reap the most benefits from silk, you must consider a silk pillowcase to be an investment. Many types of silk are retailed within the silk bed linen market, varying by plant, grade, weight and many other factors. The four main silk fabrics used in manufacturing are muga silk, mulberry silk, tasar silk and eri silk. When looking on the market, the best silk pillowcase retailers will often choose mulberry silk, due to its soft weave and ability to endure regular washing.

What is the highest quality silk fabric for silk pillowcases?

Gingerlily products are manufactured with 100% A Grade, 19 Momme Mulberry silk, in order to craft the perfect pillowcase shape. Mulberry silk is considered to be the highest quality silk available, in part due to the natural qualities of the mulberry leaf and its production process. We find the proportions of a silk pillowcase are best maintained with a 19 momme weight, although can go up to a 22 momme weight.

What should I look for in a silk pillowcase?

When choosing a silk pillowcase, your criteria will generally fall into three categories: manufacturing quality, aesthetic benefits and health benefits. As mentioned earlier, a silk pillowcase should be considered an investment, so opting for the highest quality silk for your budget should be a priority. Across the market, a high-quality mulberry silk pillowcase will usually retail for around £50-£100.

When it comes to the aesthetics of the pillowcase, a lot of this is down to personal preference. Depending on the weave type, pillowcases can vary in softness and sheen, so your choice may fall down to whether you prefer a super luxurious sheen or a more subtle matte-look silk. You should also choose a colour that will coordinate with the rest of your bedroom decor, particularly if you’re not opting for a full silk bed linen set. The final factors to consider are the health benefits of a silk pillowcase. Depending on your skincare or haircare concern, look for reviews of pillowcases that specifically praise their effectiveness for those concerns. Silk pillowcases are said to reduce wrinkling, soothe acne and smooth the hair, so choosing a pillowcase that is delicate, soft and of high quality ensures you can reap these benefits.

Should I get a silk pillowcase?

The overall improvement that a silk pillowcase can make to the health of your hair and skin cannot be underestimated. Regardless of your age, a silk pillowcase offers multiple benefits. The two main selling points for silk fabrics are their anti-ageing and hydrating properties. Silk is less abrasive and harsh on facial skin than other materials, meaning it will not pull on your skin while you sleep and leave you waking up with facial creasing. The natural proteins present within silk also work well in combination with your skin's outer layers and hair, helping to seal in moisture and ensure you stay adequately hydrated throughout the night. This means your skin is easier to maintain with topical products and makes your hair easier to brush by reducing static. With this in mind, sleeping on a silk pillowcase could easily halve the amount of time you spend on your morning routine.

In terms of hygiene, silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and do not harbour the same levels of bacteria and dirt that get held by standard pillowcases of cotton or synthetic blends. This could be especially useful to those with oily and acne-prone skin types, as well as those with sensitive skin, who need to pay careful attention to skin cleanliness and integrity. If you’re looking to reduce your morning routine and see the benefits mentioned throughout this post, then yes a silk pillowcase is certainly for you. We hope you find these tips useful to help you find the best silk pillowcase for you. If you’re looking for your first luxury silk pillowcase, we recommend the Gingerlily Beauty Box Mulberry Silk pillowcase, the must-have beauty accessory for flawless skin and hair.