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The importance of sleeping on a silk pillowcase

Disha Diswaney was writing about the importance of great sleep in the Standard online and included a pure mulberry silk pillowcase from leading British silk specialist, Gingerlily. Re-read the article in full here ( The importance of a great night's sleep is a subject often covered in the media nowadays. As such investing in bedding and bed linen to assist with a peaceful night's sleep is essential. We would recommend investing in silk filled bedding or a silk pillowcase to start with. Recommended by leading dermatologists as an anti-aging tool, silk helps skin retain its natural moisture; keeping it soft, supple and helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This makes Gingerlily pillowcases the perfect beauty accessory for your skin and hair, keeping them healthy even while you sleep. Because it contains the same naturally occurring proteins as hair, sleeping on our luxury bed linen will reduce friction and moisture loss, preventing hair from becoming dry and brittle; so you wake up with healthy, sleek and shiny hair. Also hypoallergenic and breathable, it works to regulate the body's temperature so that you sleep soundly all night long. November’s ELLE Decoration claims British silk specialist, Gingerlily, is the best choice for silk bed linen. Silk sheets were apparently the preferred choice of Marilyn Munroe.
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