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Silk filled duvets vs down feather filled duvets

When it comes to the place you lay your head at night, only the best will do.

When shopping for a new duvet, you may find yourself torn between the different types on offer. Two of the most popular choices are silk filled duvets and down feather filled duvets, commonly referred to as simply “down duvets”. But which is better for you, and why?

In this post, we take a look at the differences between the two and delve into some of the reasons why we love silk filled duvets here at Gingerlily.

What is the best filling for a duvet?

Whilst there are many options when it comes to duvet fillings, two of the best are silk and down feather. This is because they’re both lightweight, very cosy and a little more indulgent than your standard cotton or polyester.

It should come as no surprise that we love a silk filled duvet at Gingerlily. Our entire silk bedding range features 100% A-grade mulberry silk, making bedtime that little more luxurious.

What are the benefits of a silk filled duvet?

The benefits of sleeping with a silk filled duvet are numerous, from improved health to durability.

They’re very comfortable

Not only does a silk filled duvet feel super soft against your skin, it generally offers a more comfortable night’s sleep than other types of duvets do. This is because the fabric allows your skin to breathe meaning you aren’t going to suffer from overheating during the night. Silk duvets are also less rigid and tend to be lighter than a feather-filled duvet and so move with your body, rather than against it.

Silk filled duvets can be better for your health

Because there’s generally less sweat produced when sleeping under a silk duvet, there’s also significantly less bacteria build up. This makes for a more hygienic sleeping environment that repels dust mites. Silk is also hypoallergenic, meaning it’s not going to cause irritation for allergy and asthma sufferers. For more information on the health benefits of silk, take a look at Is Silk Bedding Better for your Health?

They’re not bulky

The smooth nature of a silk filled duvet means it won’t bunch up inside its casing. This type of duvet is made from fine filaments of A-grade silk, which are layered in long strands within the cover that holds the duvet together. There’s nothing more annoying than your duvet moving around inside the cover and creating lumps, but with a silk filled duvet you won’t have to deal with constantly adjusting it.

Silk is a great insulator

We’ve already touched on the cooling properties and breathable nature of silk, but did you know that silk is actually a great insulator? This is because it can trap heat when it’s cold and draw it away from the body when it’s warm. Feather duvets are designed to trap heat underneath, which means you’ll stay warm but will likely feel too hot later into the night. A silk filled duvet is therefore a great all-round piece of bedding as it’s perfect for both the winter and summer months.

Silk Filled Duvets at Gingerlilly

The silk duvet range at Gingerlily features a range of 100% mulberry silk filled duvets of different weights, so you can switch it up with the seasons. However, we also have an All Seasons Weight which is an ultra convenient all-year-round solution if you don’t have the space to store multiple duvets.