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Tips for bedding to stay cool at night during summertime

As we've just welcomed the hottest day of the year (so far!) we have very few complaints about the weather, but when it comes to night time, the heat can become a real struggle for many. Tossing and turning, pulling the duvet off and then on and then off again, noisy fans, street noise when opening windows, the list of things that negatively impact our sleep in summertime goes on.

That’s why we thought now is a good time to give you our best hints and tips for bedding and bed linen that works to keep you cool through the night when the weather is hot.

Make sure you’re using a low-tog duvet

When the weather is hot and humid, you may think that scrapping the duvet all together will be the best idea to keep cool and get some rest, but actually we sleep with a cover over us for a reason. No matter how hot it is, the body’s core temperature begins to drop before you enter sleep and the weight of the duvet also helps to induce sleep.

The ideal tog for a duvet in summer is 2-4. At Gingerlily, we have a beautiful summer silk duvet that is the tog equivalent of 2-4 and the natural temperature regulating properties of the silk floss filling means it’ll keep you cooler than a regular synthetic duvet would. A silk filled duvet is also great for those who suffer from allergies, which tend to worsen in the summer months, as it is naturally hypoallergenic.

Invest in some silk sheets

How to wash silk pillows

As mentioned above, silk has some truly unique properties that mean it is the perfect fabric no matter the time of year, because it adapts to the temperature of the body. Using silk sheets instead of cotton ones will allow for better airflow, meaning the heat won’t be trapped in and will be cool against your skin too.

Check out our full range of silk sheet and pillowcases here at Gingerlily, available in an extensive range of colours and styles, each designed to complement your decor perfectly.

Put your pillowcase in the fridge

Boston silk pillowcases
Boston silk pillowcases

Okay, so this one might sound a bit odd but it really works. Just wrap your pillowcase up inside of a plastic bag to keep it dry and then place it in the fridge for an hour or two before you head to sleep. If you opt for a silk pillowcase, the fabric will naturally keep the cool temperature for a longer period of time, meaning it’ll last til you drop off and beyond.

Take a look at our range of silk pillowcases and pick your favourite colour.

Turn down your duvet early

If you’ve had your blinds or curtains open throughout the day, then your room may have naturally warmed up. Be sure to open your windows, maybe turn on an electric fan and then turn down your duvet around an hour before you head to bed. This prevents any air from being trapped in-between your mattress, sheets and duvet, and will hopefully remain cool to the touch for when you tuck yourself in.

Wear cool nightwear

Ivory silk shorts sleeve shirt and silk shorts

If you’re not one to go sans-pyjamas even on the hottest of days, then you should ensure you wear something cool, loose and comfortable. Because of the cooling properties of silk and its ability to temperature regulate, we of course recommend some light silk nightwear. Not only does it feel luxurious against the skin, but it’s cool to the touch, doesn’t trap heat between the fabric and your body and glides over the skin as you sleep so you won’t end up with bunched pyjamas in the middle of the night.

Browse our silk nightwear collection.

Wear a sleep mask

Gingerlily silk eye mask
Silk eye mask and pouch - £23

It’s not just the getting to sleep that’s the problem in the summer months, it’s also staying asleep. As the sun comes up and fills our rooms with light earlier each day, we can quickly be roused from sleep well before we’ve gotten in our precious 8 hours. Investing in a quality sleep mask that blocks out light and fits comfortably is the best way to prevent any disturbance from sunlight creeping in. Check out our silk eye masks, which are naturally soft and gentle on the skin to prevent any lines and creases.

The most important tip of all is to ensure you have a suitable wind-down routine in the evening, as stress or a busy mind can contribute to sleep frustrations, particularly when it’s hot. Make sure you take some time to relax and create yourself a luxurious bedroom space that will help you feel calm, comfortable and ready for sleep.

You can browse our full silk bedding range at Gingerlily to help you make your perfect summer bedroom sanctuary.