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Using silk bedding all year-round

We all know too well that there is no ‘ideal’ season when it comes to getting the perfect night’s sleep. Whether you are too hot or too cold, volatile temperatures can lead to difficulties trying to get to sleep and result in quite an uncomfortable experience. According to Sleep.org, the optimum temperature for getting a restful night’s sleep is around 15 degrees celsius, which may come as a surprise to some people, as this is fairly cool. For our bodies to naturally shut down for the night, we require our body temperature to drop to initiate sleep mode so decreasing (or increasing in the winter) the temperature to around this level can help us to fall asleep quicker. The difficulty here is that many people struggle to sleep unless they have a big, comfortable duvet on top of them. That’s where silk bedding comes in. In this post, we explore why silk is the best material to use all year round as it will keep your temperature regulated and improve your quality of sleep.

Is silk bedding good for winter?

Silk bedding is great for cold weather because its natural properties work together with your body to regulate your temperature. This means that if you are too cold during the night, your silk bedding will work as an insulator to help your body reach the temperature that it requires to slip into dreamland. A silk duvet in winter time is a great alternative, as it works to keep in all of the warmth, while still being breathable and adjusting to your temperature throughout the night to ensure that you don’t become too warm. Because of its light feel, many believe that silk is a thin fabric that wouldn’t be ideal for winter use, but it actually retains heat brilliantly whilst staying breathable, which is the perfect combination.

Is silk bedding good for summer?

It’s common for people to sweat through the night as they sleep, and this becomes even more true during the hotter summer months. The proteins in silk bedding are effectively absorbent, helping to liberate moisture and ensure your temperature remains stable, so the heat doesn’t make you sweat, feel uncomfortable and keep you awake. Silk is a naturally breathable fabric, quickly taking in and emitting any sweat that it absorbs to help your body maintain a consistent temperature.

What are the benefits of silk as a year round fabric?

When comparing silk to more commonly used materials, such as cotton or polyester, the benefits of silk duvets and bedding are almost endless. To name just a few:
  • Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, while cotton must go through a process to be deemed as such
  • Cotton absorbs moisture and holds it, while silk absorbs and emits moisture, making it a more hygienic fabric
  • Cotton can work to keep you both warm and cool, much like silk, however it does not naturally synchronise with the body’s temperature in the way that silk does, so once you’re too hot, it can be hard to cool down
We may sound biased, but the science says it all - silk definitely comes out on top when looking for a bedding fabric that will serve you throughout the whole year. While it may be more expensive, it will last far longer than typical duvets, pillows and mattress protectors and requires a lot less maintenance to keep it clean too, making it a sound investment that will keep benefitting you time and time again. Ready to explore your silk bedding options? Our silk filled bedding at Gingerlily is made from the finest, A Grade, 100% Mulberry silk and comes in a variety of weights and sizes. Let us know if you need any advice, we’re always happy to help you choose the product that’s right for you.